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  & Saving the Lives of Animals  


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Mixed Hay for sale $5.00
(a bale minimum 50 bales)

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Reasonably Priced Fresh Produce, Goat's Milk, & Eggs

Take steps to improve your overall health by adding our fresh produce to your nutritional plan. Customers continue coming back to The Partridge Funny Farm LLC in North Potomac, Maryland, because of our friendly nature and the variety always available.
Supporting your local farmers is mutually beneficial for both sides, much like adopting a pet.

We sell Silver Queen Corn!
You will love the corn! $3.50 a bushel

Pesticide-Free Vegetables & Fruits

All of our produce is homegrown and contains zero pesticides. We offer many different vegetables and fruits on-location and at flea markets. Choose a single item or up to 5 pounds of whatever combination you want.

Our Fresh Produce Selection

Potatoes | Cucumbers | Broccoli | Cauliflower | Tomatoes | Green Peppers | Jalapenos | Banana Peppers | Cantaloupe | Watermelon

Nutritious Goat's Milk

In some cases, consuming too much calcium can become a problem. Our goat's milk contains less calcium than cow's milk and fewer chemicals. It is also healthier and tastes better. Our goats do not eat any processed foods. Stop by to purchase a quart for just $1.89 or one gallon for $2.29.

Pouring Milk Into a Glass

Eggs By the Dozen

Our chickens and hens are raised in a free-standing cage, and their diet does not include any type of processed or chemically blended foods. Visit The Partridge Funny Farm LLC to pick up a dozen eggs at only $2.50.