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Finding Forever Homes for Dogs & Cats

If you are no longer able to properly care for your pet or come across a stray animal, The Partridge Funny Farm LLC in North Potomac, Maryland, is the place to call. We take in sick, injured, or neglected dogs and cats to give them personal attention and love while searching for their new permanent home. We have also found the owners of lost pets.

Cat With a Brush

Loving Environment

Surrender animals to us for dog or cat adoption. We are very patient with these furry companions and provide plenty of space for them to move around comfortably and feel safe. People interested in adopting have the option of a trial run before making the final decision. We also offer the wonderful opportunity of fostering an animal. No credit checks are required.

Our owner has volunteered at facilities that sadly killed animals when they didn't have enough room. This will never happen at our produce farm. We are kindly asking for donations of $25 to $30 as financial support of our animal rescue efforts.


Eli, Adoptable Pit

Feature Animal That Needs a Home

Eli is a great dog looking for a good home!


Please save Rex!

Rex, Adoptable Pit

Save These Dogs

Urgent Dogs of Miami 305-884-1101, Rex A1801576, Jordan, A1230637, Maxi, A1814592, Hunter, 91814043, Gary, A1809871, Tiger, A1357547, Charlie, A1809459, HB, A1811559, Mackie, 1807712, Louise, A1811728, Sony, A18005610, Dot, 1815531

Collage of Adoptable Dogs